Friendi KSA internet Packages

Friendi KSA Internet Packages

Listed below different types of  Prepaid Friendi KSA Internet Packages. These tables will help you to easily choose the best Friendi Data plans in Saudi Arabia that are suitable for you ..

Friendi KSA Prepaid Mixed Plans

PriceDataBonus DataLocal CallValidity
SAR 17750 MB100 min14 Days
SAR 433 GB250 min30 Days
SAR 7010 GB2 GB500 min30 Days
SAR 909 GB6 GB900 min30 Days
SAR 11025 GB5 GB1000 min30 Days
  • For Activation : Dial *112#
  • Local Call : All National Networks

Friendi KSA Daily Plans

Price with VATDaily DataTotal DataValidity
SAR 34.5512 MB3.5 GB7 Days
SAR 46512 MB7 GB14 Days
SAR 86.251 GB30 GB30 Days
  • For Activation : Dial *118#

Friendi KSA Prepaid Data Plans

SAR 1.9930 MB1 Day
SAR 4.99100 MB3 Days
SAR 8.99300 MB7 Days
SAR 12.99500 MB10 Days
SAR 14.99750 MB14 Days
SAR 171 GB21 Days
SAR 25.991.5 GB + 0.4 GB30 Days
SAR 39.992.5 GB + 1 GB30 Days
SAR 605 GB + 2.5 GB30 Days
SAR 9920 GB + 20 GB30 Days
SAR 11010 GB90 Days
SAR 18920 GB90 Days
SAR 26050 GB + 25 GB90 Days
SAR 330100 GB + 50 GB90 Days
  • For Activation : Dial *108#

Friendi KSA Day Night Plans

PriceDay DataNight DataValidity
SAR 39.995 GB15 GB7 Days
SAR 79.9910 GB30 GB30 Days
  • For Activation : Dial *112#
  • Day Data : 6 am to 12 am
  • Night Data : 12 am to 6 am

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  1. Saudi Arabia All sim offer but friendly sim social network not updated sopoj YouTube and TikTok WhatsApp same this free 1 months how much no problem but not coming this sim me bhi this month this sim Cheng and use zain too much social network free

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