Friendi KSA internet Packages

Friendi KSA Internet Packages

Listed below different types of  Prepaid Friendi KSA Internet Packages. These tables will help you to easily choose the best Friendi Data plans in Saudi Arabia that are suitable for you ..

Friendi KSA Prepaid Combo Plans

PriceDataSocial MediaLocal CallValidity
SAR 12.991 GB60 min7 Days
SAR 171 GB120 min14 Days
SAR 29.993 GB3 GB150 min14 Days
SAR 433 GB250 min30 Days
SAR 43.505 GB3 GB200 min21 Days
SAR 555 GB5 GB250 min28 Days
SAR 7020 GB15 GB250 min30 Days
SAR 8525 GB25 GB500 min30 Days
SAR 9940 GB80 GB700 min30 Days
SAR 11040 GBUnlimited1000 min30 Days
SAR 14955 GBUnlimited1500 min30 Days
SAR 319100 GB800 min90 Days
  • For Activation : Dial *112#
  • Local Call : All National Networks
  • Social Media : YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, X and Snapchat.

Friendi KSA Combo+ Plans

PriceDataInt’l CallLocal CallValidity
SAR 9020 GB100 min100 min30 Days
  • For Activation : Dial *119#
  • International Call : India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal
  • Social Media : YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, X and Snapchat.

Friendi KSA Internet Packages

SAR 1.9930 MB1 Day
SAR 4.99100 MB3 Days
SAR 8.50500 MB7 Days
SAR 12.991 GB10 Days
SAR 171.2 GB21 Days
SAR 25.991.5 GB + 0.4 GB30 Days
SAR 39.993.5 GB30 Days
SAR 5513 GB30 Days
SAR 8540 GB30 Days
SAR 9920 GB + 40 GB30 Days
SAR 17530 GB + 20 GB90 Days
SAR 26050 GB + 25 GB90 Days
SAR 325Unlimited Data30 Days
SAR 330100 GB + 100 GB90 Days
SAR 450300 GB90 Days
  • For Activation : Dial *108#

Friendi KSA Daily Packages

Price with VATDaily DataTotal DataValidity
SAR 34.5512 MB3.5 GB7 Days
SAR 46512 MB7 GB14 Days
SAR 86.251GB + 10min Call30GB + 300min Call30 Days
  • For Activation : Dial *118#

Friendi KSA Day Night Plans

PriceDay DataNight DataValidity
SAR 39.995 GB15 GB7 Days
SAR 79.9910 GB30 GB30 Days
  • For Activation : Dial *112#
  • Day Data : 6 am to 12 am
  • Night Data : 12 am to 6 am

Friendi KSA GCC Roaming Plan

PriceCountryRoaming BenefitsValidity
SAR 50Kuwait, BahrainUnlimited Data, Calls12 Hours
SAR 200UAE, Kuwait, BahrainUnlimited Data, Calls3 Days
SAR 300UAE, Kuwait, BahrainUnlimited Data, Calls7 Days
SAR 350UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain30GB Roaming Data30 Days
  • To Activate Friendi KSA GCC Roaming Plan : Dial *105#

Friendi KSA National Call Plans

PriceLocal CallValidity
SAR 325 Local Minutes1 Day
SAR 15150 Local Minutes7 Days
SAR 25250 Local Minutes30 Days
  • To Activate Friendi KSA National Calls : Dial *117#

Friendi to Friendi Call Plan

PriceFriendi CallValidity
SAR 1.50Unlimited Friendi to Friendi Minutes1 Day
SAR 7Unlimited Friendi to Friendi Minutes7 Days
SAR 25Unlimited Friendi to Friendi Minutes30 Days
  • To activate this plan : Dial *117#

Friendi KSA International Call Plans

CountryPriceInt’l CallValidity
IndiaSAR 8100 Min2 Days
SAR 17250 Min7 Days
SAR 43800 Min30 Days
BangladeshSAR 8100 Min2 Days
SAR 17250 Min7 Days
SAR 43800 Min30 Days
Nepal NcellSAR 850 Min2 Days
SAR 17135 Min7 Days
SAR 43365 Min30 Days
PakistanSAR 835 Min2 Days
SAR 1790 Min7 Days
SAR 43235 Min30 Days
IndonesiaSAR 835 Min2 Days
SAR 1780 Min7 Days
SAR 43220 Min30 Days
EgyptSAR 1750 Min7 Days
SAR 43130 Min30 Days
PhilippinesSAR 1740 Min7 Days
SAR 43100 Min30 Days
EthiopiaSAR 1740 Min7 Days
SAR 43100 Min30 Days
YemenSAR 826 Min2 Days
SAR 2582 Min7 Days
SAR 60210 Min30 Days
  • To Activate : Dial *116#
  • To Contact Friendi KSA Costumer Care : Call 1789

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  1. Social media YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp,you can show me only Instagram,this is not good,I can see YouTube you charge mai data

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