Virgin Mobile KSA Internet Packages

Virgin Mobile KSA Internet Packages

Listed below different types of Virgin Mobile KSA Internet Packages. These tables will help you to easily choose the best Virgin Mobile data or call plans in Saudi Arabia that are suitable for you ..

Virgin Mobile Prepaid Mixed Plans

Monthly Price with VATBenefits
SAR 80.5Data15 GB
Social Media14 GB
Local Call500 Minutes
Validity30 Days
SAR 103.5Data30 GB
Social MediaUnlimited
Local Call300 Minutes
Validity28 Days
SAR 115Data35 GB
Social MediaUnlimited
Local Call750 Minutes
Free SubscriptionSTARZPLAY for 3 Months
Validity30 Days
SAR 126.5Data45 GB
Social MediaUnlimited
Local Call745 Minutes
Free SubscriptionSTC TV for 4 Months
Validity28 Days
SAR 172.5Data55 GB
Social MediaUnlimited
Local Call3000 Minutes
Free SubscriptionSTARZPLAY for 6 Months
Validity30 Days
SAR 212.75Data80 GB
Social MediaUnlimited
Local CallUnlimited Minutes
1 Free SubscriptionOSN+ / STARZPLAY / Anghami
Validity30 Days
SAR 419.75DataUnlimited
Social MediaUnlimited
Local CallUnlimited
1 Free SubscriptionOSN+ / STARZPLAY / Anghami
Validity30 Days
  • For Activation : Dial *108#
  • Social Data : YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, X, Snapchat and Tiktok.
  • Free Subscription : You can subscribe to a streaming platform for free from OSN, STARZPLAY and Anghami Plus.

Virgin Mobile e-SIM Plans

eSIM PriceDataSocial DataLocal Call
SAR 10035 GBUnlimited750 Min
SAR 15055 GBUnlimited3000 Min
SAR 20080 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
SAR 380UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
  • Social Data : Instagram ,Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube.
  • Validity : 30 Days

Virgin Mobile Broadband Plan

Virgin Mobile KSA mobile broadband plans are given below
Price with VAT / Month5G DataValidity
SAR 172.50100 GB1 Month
SAR 373.75Unlimited1 Month
SAR 253100 GB3 Months
SAR 517.50300 GB3 Months
SAR 1121.25Unlimited3 Months
SAR 546.25300 GB6 Months
SAR 1035600 GB6 Months
SAR 2242.50Unlimited6 Months
SAR 1092.50600 GB12 Months
SAR 4542.50Unlimited12 Months
  • Mobile broadband (Pocket WiFi) lets you connect WiFi-enabled devices to the Internet, like a mobile hotspot on your smartphone. Although mobile broadband devices cannot make phone calls, they usually provide a stronger and better quality Internet connection than a smartphone.
  • To use mobile broadband : Insert your data SIM card into your mobile broadband device and connect your Wi-Fi enabled laptop or smartphone.

Data Booster Plan

SAR 132 GB
SAR 185 GB
SAR 2810 GB
SAR 95Unlimited
  • After using the above monthly plan internet, you can boost internet using this plan. You activate these plan through the Virgin Mobile App.

Virgin Mobile KSA Internet Packages

SAR 350 MB1 Day
SAR 15500 MB7 Days
SAR 21700 MB30 Days
SAR 241 GB30 Days
SAR 452 GB30 Days
SAR 704 GB30 Days
SAR 908 GB30 Days
SAR 10010 GB30 Days
SAR 12020 GB30 Days
SAR 14040 GB30 Days
SAR 17080 GB30 Days
SAR 180100 GB30 Days
SAR 18010 GB90 Days
SAR 23050 GB60 Days
SAR 350100 GB90 Days
  • For Activation : Dial *110#

Virgin Mobile KSA GCC Roaming Plan

PriceGCC CountriesRoaming DataValidity
SAR 25UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain100 MB1 Day
SAR 50Kuwait, BahrainUnlimited12 Hours
SAR 50UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain300 MB3 Days
SAR 200UAE, Kuwait, BahrainUnlimited3 Days
SAR 300UAE, Kuwait, BahrainUnlimited7 Days
SAR 350UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain30 GB30 Days
  • For Activation : Download Virgin Mobile KSA app.

Virgin Mobile KSA Roaming Plan

Roaming CountriesPriceRoaming DataValidity
India, EgyptSAR 1002 GB3 Days
SAR 2205 GB7 Days
US, Austria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, South KoreaSAR 1001.5 GB3 Days
ItalySAR 1002 GB3 Days
UK, Turkey, MoroccoSAR 1002 GB3 Days
SAR 22010 GB7 Days
SAR 41020 GB14 Days
France, Germany, SpainSAR 1002 GB3 Days
SAR 2208 GB7 Days
SAR 41016 GB14 Days
JordanSAR 1002 GB3 Days
SAR 2207 GB7 Days
SAR 41015 GB14 Days
ChinaSAR 1002 GB3 Days
SAR 2209 GB7 Days
SAR 41018 GB14 Days
BosniaSAR 1002 GB3 Days
SAR 2208 GB7 Days
SAR 41018 GB14 Days
  • For Activation : Download Virgin Mobile KSA app.

Virgin Mobile Prepaid Local Call Plan

PriceLocal CallValidity
SAR 1250 min30 Days
SAR 17125 min30 Days
SAR 25250 min30 Days
  • For Activation : Dial *121#
  • To Contact Virgin Mobile KSA Costumer Care : Call 1789

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