Du UAE Internet Packages

Listed below different types of Du UAE Internet Packages. These tables will help you to easily choose the best Du Data plans that are suitable for you ..

Du UAE Prepaid Monthly Flexi Plans

PriceDataFlexi MinutesValidity
AED 492 GB30 min28 Days
AED 592 GB60 min28 Days
AED 692 GB90 min28 Days
AED 792 GB120 min28 Days
AED 794 GB30 min28 Days
AED 894 GB60 min28 Days
AED 994 GB90 min28 Days
AED 1094 GB120 min28 Days
AED 996 GB30 min28 Days
AED 1096 GB60 min28 Days
AED 1196 GB90 min28 Days
AED 1296 GB120 min28 Days
AED 13910 GB30 min28 Days
AED 14910 GB60 min28 Days
AED 15910 GB90 min28 Days
AED 16910 GB120 min28 Days
  • Benefits :
    • Unlimited Calls to 1 Du Number.
    • Unlimited Voice and Video Internet Calling
  • To Activate : Visit Here

Du UAE Prepaid Yearly Flexi Plans

Price per YearPrice per MonthData / MonthFlexi Minutes / Month
AED 318.5AED 24.52 GB30 min
AED 513.5AED 39.54 GB30 min
AED 643.5AED 49.56 GB30 min
AED 903.5AED 69.510 GB30 min

Du UAE Prepaid Add-Ons Plan

If the data or monthly allowances of the monthly flexi plan given above are fully used, you can choose to purchase any of the add-ons given below.
AED 3100 MB1 Day*135#
AED 301 GB28 Days*135#
AED 552 GB28 Days*135#
AED 50155MB @192Kbps speed, then unlimited @72Kbps30 Days*135*5#
  • To Check Du UAE Remaining Balance : Send SMS  Bal to 1355
  • To Check Remaining Du UAE Data Balance : Send SMS  Balance to 1355

Du Prepaid IOT Smart SIM

Price with VAT / YearInternet / Month
AED 1202 GB

Du Prepaid Recharge Plans

PriceInternetSocial MediaValidity
AED 30250 MB250 MB1 Month
AED 55500 MB500 MB1 Month
AED 1101.1 GB1.1 GB1 Month
AED 2105 GB3 GB1 Month
AED 52525 GB15 GB1 Month

Du Prepaid WiFi Data Plans

Price with VATDataSocial MediaWIFiCallValidity
AED 1053GB-1.5 GB100 min30 Days
AED 115.51.1 GB1.1 GB1.1GB-30 Days
AED 157.56 GB-3 GB150 min30 Days
AED 220.55 GB3 GB5 GB-30 Days
AED 551.2525 GB15 GB25 GB-30 Days
  • To Check Balance : Send SMS 'Balance' to 1233.
  • Wi-Fi UAE : Find Wi-Fi UAE in major public transport areas such as the Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram, as well as popular public places and major malls across the UAE. Connect ‘ @WiFi UAE ‘ from your smartphone or laptop wi-fi network, you can use free Wi-Fi by simply entering your phone number on the login page you receive automatically when connected.

Du Prepaid Flexi Plans

PriceDataFlexi MinuteValidityActivation
AED 3.1530 MB2 Min24 Hours*135*3#1#
AED 36.75750 MB15 Min30 Days*135*3#
AED 52.51.5 GB30 Min30 Days*135*3#
AED 1053 GB100 Min30 Days*135*3#
AED 157.56 GB150 Min30 Days*135*3#
  • Flexi Minutes :  Local and International calls.

Du Prepaid Data Plan

Du UAE Internet Packages with Social Media Data are include in this table, This plans only for Du UAE prepaid customers
PriceDataSocial DataValidityActivation
AED 2.160 MB-1 Day*135#5#3#2#
AED 2.1-120 MB1 Day*135#5#3#2#
AED 3.15100 MB-1 Day*135#5#3#2#
AED 3.15-200 MB1 Day*135#5#3#2#
AED 4.2150 MB-1 Day*135#5#3#2#
AED 4.2-300 MB1 Day*135#5#3#2#
AED 26.25200 MB200 MB1 Month*135#5#1#
AED 57.75500 MB500 MB1 Month*135#5#1#
AED 115.51.1 GB1.1 GB1 Month*135#5#1#
AED 220.55 GB3 GB1 Month*135#5#1#
AED 551.2525 GB15 GB1 Month*135#5#1#
  • To Check Du UAE Remaining Balance : Send SMS  Bal to 1355
  • To Check Remaining Du UAE Data Balance : Send SMS  Balance to 1355
  • To Check Du Prepaid Balance : Dial *135#

Du UAE Daily Data Plan

AED 2.160 MB1 Day*135*6#
AED 3.15100 MB
AED 4.2150 MB

Du UAE Daily Social Media Plan

PriceSocial DataValidityActivation
AED 2.1120 MB1 Day*135*5#
AED 3.15200 MB
AED 4.2300 MB
  • Social Media : WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

Du Prepaid Emirati Offer

RechargeSocial DataActivation
AED 100+Unlimited*055*786#
  • Social Media : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit and TikTok.
  • To get this offer, opt in before your first recharge by dial *055*786#

Du UAE Non-stop Data Plan

AED 3Unlimited @3Mbps Speed1 Hour*222#
AED 5Unlimited @3Mbps Speed2 Hour*222#

Du UAE Prepaid Data Passes

Price with VATData PassesValidityActivation
AED 15Unlimited Music4 Weeks*135*1501#
AED 97.5Unlimited Music1 Year*135*1501#
AED 15Unlimited Chat4 Weeks*135*1502#
AED 97.5Unlimited Chat1 Year*135*1502#
  • Music : Spotify, Apple Music, Anghami, SoundCloud and Saavn.
  • Chat :  WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber and Line.

  • Du UAE Customer Care Contact Number  : Call 155 or 800155
  • Du UAE For Receive Internet Settings : Send Message du to 3300

Disclaimer. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct.

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