Friendi Mobile Internet Packages Oman

friendi mobile oman

Listed below different types of Friendi Mobile Internet Packages Oman. These tables will help you to easily choose the best Friendi Mobile data plans that are suitable for you ..

Friendi Unlimited Data Plans

Friendi Mobile Internet Packages oman with unlimited validity are include in this table, This plans help you to Choose for Best Friendi Mobile Data Plans
OMRDataValidityActivation Code
500 BZ 100 MBUnlimited*320*1#
RO 1 250 MBUnlimited*320*2#
RO 2 1 GBUnlimited*320*8#
RO 1.5 GB Unlimited*320*3#
RO 3.52 GBUnlimited*320*5#
RO 4 2.5 GB  Unlimited*320*10#
RO 5 3.5 GBUnlimited*320*4#
RO 8 5 GBUnlimited*320*11#
RO 10 8 GBUnlimited*320*12#


  • For Check Friendi Data balance  - *250#

Friendi Mobile Big Data Offer

OMRNight Data
Day DataValidityActivation
RO 315 GB4 GB7 days*350*2#
  • Night Data Timings: 10pm - 10am
  • Friendi Mobile Data Balance check: *220*20#

Friendi Voice & Data Plan

Friendi Mobile Internet Packages with Local Call Minutes are include in this table, This plans help you to Choose for Best Friendi Mobile Data Plans
PriceAnytime DataLocal MinutesValidityActivation Code
10 RO12 GB175 Mins30 Days*601*10#
16 RO24 GB350 Mins30 Days*601*16#
  • Balance check : *250#

Friendi Mobile Social Media Plans

PriceSocial DataValidityActivation Code
1 RO3 GB30 Days*350*10#
  • Social Media Data can be used for Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat
  • To Check Friendi Social Media Data Balance : *250#

Friendi Mobile One Day Data Plan

RO 11 GB24 Hours*320*7#
RO 2Unlimited24 Hours*601*70#
  • Friendi Mobile Data Balance Check: *250#

Friendi Day Night Data Plans

PriceDayNightValidityActivation Code
RO 2500 MB 500 MB NightUnlimited*340*1#
RO 3750 MB1000 MB NightUnlimited*340*2#
RO 3.51 GB1 GB NightUnlimited*340*3#
RO 51500 MB2000 MB NightUnlimited*340*4#
  • Night data timings :  11:00 PM - 5:59 AM
  • Friendi Mobile Main Balance check - *122#
  • Friendi Mobile Data balance check  - *220#
  • For Friendi Mobile Data Settings    - *350#
  • Friendi Mobile Main Menu  - *100#
  • Account Settings - *101#
  • Starter Pack balance - *260
  • Friendi Mobile Latest Offers - *555#


For Friendi Mobile Internet Settings :

Go to Settings -->Mobile  Network -->Access point names --> ADD -->

  • NAME:  Friendi mobile
  • APN :     taif
  • USERNAME : taif
  • PASSWORD : taif

then , Save And Select

Disclaimer. This website not a official Friendi Mobile website.We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct

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