Maxis Plans

Maxis Plans

Listed below different types of  Maxis Plans in Malaysia. These tables will help you to easily choose the best Maxis Plans that are suitable for you ..

Maxis Postpaid Plans

Maxis Postpaid internet and unlimited calls plans are include in this table
Price / MonthDataShare Lines
RM 4830 GB
RM 9850 GB1
RM 12870 GB2
RM 15890 GB3
RM 188110 GB4
  • Calls and SMS : Unlimited to All Network (all plans)

Maxis Postpaid Unlimited Plans

Price / MonthDataFeatures
RM 299Unlimited4 Mobile Lines with Unlimited Data, Calls& SMS.
30Mbps Home Fiber

Maxis Fiber Wi-Fi Plans

Price / MonthInternet Speed
RM 8930Mbps
RM 129100Mbps
RM 149300Mbps
RM 219500Mbps
RM 299800Mbps
  • Free : Next-Gen Wi-Fi 6 Router

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