Ooredoo Oman Internet Packages


Listed below different types of  Prepaid Ooredoo Oman Internet Packages. These tables will help you to easily choose the best Ooredoo Prepaid Data plans in Oman that are suitable for you ..

 Ooredoo Prepaid Day Night Offer

PriceDay DataNight DataValidityActivation
RO 22 GB8 GB24 Hours*555*28#
    • Day Data : 8 am to 11 pm.
    • Night Data : 11 pm to 8 am.

Ooredoo Oman Hala Packages

PriceDataLocal CallCross MinValidity
RO 21.5 GB50 min25 min7 Days
RO 3.52 GB50 min-28 Days
RO 58 GB 50 min-7 Days
RO 64.5 GB100 min25 min28 Days
RO 910 GB250 min35 min28 Days
RO 1215 GB300 min50 min28 Days
RO 1830 GB600 min75 min28 Days
  •  Activation : Dial  *555#
  • Cross Minutes : India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Local Call
  • Ooredoo Hala Plans are new Ooredoo Prepaid Plans.

Ooredoo Oman Internet Packages

RO 0.50250 MB1 Day*555*53#
RO 11 GB1 Day*555*21#
RO 1400 MB1 Week*555*83#
RO 21.5 GB1 Week*555*84#
RO 32 GB4 Weeks*555*22#
RO 45 GB1 Weeks*555*85#
RO 54 GB4 Weeks*555*23#
RO 76 GB4 Weeks*555*81#
RO 1012 GB4 Weeks*555*69#
RO 2025 GB12 Weeks*555*26#
  • This plans for Ooredoo Oman Hala prepaid customers.

Ooredoo Oman Prepaid 5G Plans

PriceDataSocialLocal CallCross MinValidity
RO 21 GB500 MB50 min25 min7 Days
RO 3.51.5 GB500 MB50 min-28 Days
RO 57 GB1 GB 50 min-7 Days
RO 63 GB1.5 GB100 min25 min28 Days
RO 98 GB2 GB250 min35 min28 Days
RO 1215 GB-300 min50 min28 Days
RO 1830 GB-600 min75 min28 Days
  •  To Activate 5G on Your Current Plan : Send SMS 5G to 80082.
  • Cross Minutes : India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Local Call
  • Social Media : WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

 Ooredoo More Internet Plans

RO 1400 MB1 Week*115*3*Recharge Code#
RO 21.5 GB1 Week
RO 32 GB4 Weeks
RO 54 GB4 Weeks
RO 1012 GB4 Weeks
    • To Balance Check : *102*3#
    • This Plans for Ooredoo Oman Hala Prepaid Customers.

Ooredoo Hala SIM Packages

Here are the offers for new Ooredoo Prepaid Hala SIM customers.
PriceDataLocal CallInternational MinValidity
RO 21.5 GB50 min25 min7 Days
RO 3.52 GB50 min-28 Days
RO 66.5 GB100 min25 min28 Days
PriceDataRenewal BonusValidity
RO 32 GB500 MB28 Days
RO 54 GB1 GB28 Days
  • To check balance : Dial *102#
  • International Minutes : India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Ooredoo Oman Tourist SIM

SIM PriceDataCallsSMSValidity
OMR 56 GB +Unlimited Snapchat50 min5010 Days
OMR 1015 GB +Unlimited Snapchat100 min10015 Days
  • To Check Balance : Dial *555*800#
  • Calls : National and International Minutes
  • SMS : National and International
  • SIM line is valid for 1 month. With each recharge, your line validity will be renewed for 2 months.
  • Snapchat includes text, images, audio and video. Excludes hyperlinks and Snapchat calling (audio & video).

 Ooredoo More Credit Plans

RechargeTotal CreditValidityActivation
RO 2RO 2.210 Days*115*2*Recharge Code#
RO 5RO 620 Days
RO 10RO 12.525 Days
    • To Check More Credit Balance, Dial *102*2#

Ooredoo Unlimited Data Plan

2 ROUnlimited1 Day*555*888#

Unlimited Youtube

Price with VATValiditySubscribeUnsubscribe
0.525 Bz One Day*141*600#*141*600*1#

* You can watch unlimited videos from youtube or viu videos

Prepaid Local Voice Plans

OMRLocal CallValidityActivation
RO 1.050 40 min30 Days*555*240#
RO 2.100100 min30 Days*555*101#
RO 3.150200 min30 Days*555*201#
RO 3.150Unlimited7 Days*555*999#

Ooredoo Oman KSA Roaming Plan

PriceRoaming DataRoaming MinuteValidity
OMR 10Unlimited30 min14 Days
  • To activate : dial *555*966*12#
  • This roaming pack available only in Saudi Arabia with STC and Mobily.
  • Main Balance :    *102#
  • Easy Credit/ Loan Credit :  *222*123#
  • Find Your Mobile Number :  *141*29#
  • Ooredoo Oman Customer Care Number  : Call 1500
  • Ooredoo Data Transfer : Dial *222#

Disclaimer. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct

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  1. Dear sir i have check all companies pkges but all are not suitable for middle standard people. Plz launch some easy access pkeg for example 4 or 5 riyal of 8 gb 10gb is affordable range and i hope too much people will join but if ur pkge is 2 gb or 3gb no body will accept. Hope you will reply positive. Thanks your customer.

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