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RedBull Mobile Internet Packages

  Listed below different types of RedBull Mobile Internet Packages Oman. These tables will help you to easily choose the best Red Bull Data plans in Oman that are suitable for you .

RedBull Mobile Oman Offers

Price with VATDataLocal CallValidity
RO 4.5005 GB50 min28 Days
RO 711 GB100 min28 Days
RO 916 GB200 min28 Days
RO 1225 GB400 min28 Days
RO 1535 GB750 min28 Days
  • To Activate : Dial *600#
  • Free RBM Calls & Texts, Free WhatsApp Text Messages
  • Free Music Streaming (on Apple Music, Anghami and Spotify)

RedBull Mobile Weekly Plans

PriceDataLocal CallValidity
RO 21.5 GB50 min1 Week
RO 510 GB50 min1 Week
  • To Activate : Dial *600#

RedBull Mobile YallaFlex Plans

Price with VATDataLocal Call
OMR 3.32 GB100 Minutes
OMR 3.72 GB200 Minutes
OMR 4.52 GB400 Minutes
OMR 5.92 GB750 Minutes
OMR 4.85 GB100 Minutes
OMR 5.25 GB200 Minutes
OMR 65 GB400 Minutes
OMR 7.45 GB750 Minutes
OMR 711 GB100 Minutes
OMR 7.411 GB200 Minutes
OMR 8.211 GB400 Minutes
OMR 9.611 GB750 Minutes
OMR 916 GB200 Minutes
OMR 9.816 GB400 Minutes
OMR 11.216 GB750 Minutes
OMR 1225 GB400 Minutes
OMR 13.425 GB750 Minutes
OMR 1535 GB750 Minutes
  • To Activate Plans : Dial *600# or Visit the Red Bull Mobile App.
  • Free RBM Calls & Texts
  • Free WhatsApp Text Messages
  • Free Music Streaming (on Apple Music, Anghami and Spotify).

RedBull Mobile Daily Plans

Price with VATDataValidityActivation
RO 1.0501 GB24 Hours*600*111#

RedBull Mobile Open Data Plans

Price with VATDataValidity
RO 0.525250 MBFollows Current Plan
RO 1.050600 MBFollows Current Plan
RO 1.5751 GBFollows Current Plan
RO 1.5002 GB1 Day
RO 2.1001 GB7 Days
RO 33 GB7 Days
  • Activation Code : *600*2#

Red Bull Mobile National Call Plans

Price with VATLocal callValidity
RO 150 Minutes7 Days
RO 1.05060 Minutes1 Month
RO 2Unlimited7 Days
RO 2.100150 Minutes1 Month
RO 3.150300 Minutes1 Month
  • Activation Code : *600*251#

Red Bull Mobile GCC Call Plans

 Price with VATCall to GCCValidity
RO 2.10040 Minutes30 Days
  • Activation Code :  *600*241#

Red Bull Mobile India Call Plans

Price with VATCall to IndiaValidity
RO 1.050100 Minutes30 Days
RO 3.150500 Minutes30 Days
  • Activation Code :  *600#

Red Bull Mobile Oman Roaming

Price with VATRoaming DataValidity
RO 3.150500 MB1 Day
RO 55 GB3 Days
RO 6.3001 GB3 Days
RO 9.4502 GB7 Days
RO 25.24 GB30 Days
  • To Red Bull Mobile Main Balance Check  : *600*4#
  • To Red Bull Mobile Internet Balance Check : *600*11#
  • To Red Bull Mobile Balance Transfer : *600*5#
  • Red Bull Mobile Customer Care Number : Call 1600

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