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RedBull Mobile Internet Packages

  Listed below different types of RedBull Mobile Internet Packages Oman. These tables will help you to easily choose the best Red Bull Data plans in Oman that are suitable for you .

Red Bull Mobile Offer

 OMRDay DataNight DataValidityActivation
RO 33 GB25 GB7 Day*600*28#
  • Night Data : 10 pm-10 am

Red Bull Mobile Call and Data Packages

RO 11 GB-1 Day*600*2#
RO 42 GB-1 Month*600*04#
RO 64 GB1501 Month*600*06#
RO 66 GB-1 Month*600*06#
RO 88 GB1001 Month*600*1#
RO 1014 GB-1 Month*600*10#
RO 1524 GB-1 Month*600*15#
RO 2030 GB-1 Month*600*1#
  • Including Unlimited Calls and SMS to Red Bull Mobile Numbers and Unlimited Whatsapp Text-Messages with All Monthly Plan (1 riyal 1 day package not include this facility)
  • To Red Bull Mobile Main Balance Check  : *600*4#
  • To Red Bull Mobile Internet Balance Check : *600*11#
  • To Red Bull Mobile Balance Transfer : *600*5#

Red Bull Mobile National Call Plans

RO 1401 Month
RO 21001 Month
RO 32001 Month
  • Activation Code : *600*251#

Red Bull Mobile GCC Call Plans

RO 2401 Month
  • Activation Code :  *600*241#


Disclaimer. This website not a official Red Bull Mobile website.We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct

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