Zain KSA Internet Packages

Zain KSA Postpaid Plans

Listed below different types of Zain KSA postpaid plans. These tables will help you to easily choose the best postpaid Zain calls and data packages in Saudi Arabia that are suitable for you ..

Zain KSA Postpaid Monthly Plans

Price with VAT5G InternetSocial MediaData RoamingLocal Call
SAR 67.855 GB5 GB400 min
SAR 113.8515 GB20 GB1500 min
SAR 171.3530 GBUnlimited3000 min
SAR 228.8595 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
SAR 343.85150 GBUnlimitedUnlimited in GCCUnlimited
SAR 458.85UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited World WideUnlimited
  • Social Media : YouTube, Snapchat, X, Instagram, Facebook , WhatsApp, Jaco and TikTok.
  • Validity : All plans validities are 1 month.

Zain KSA Postpaid E-SIM Plans

Price with VATDataSocialLocal CallRoaming Data
SAR 67.855 GB5 GB400 Min
SAR 113.8520 GB15 GB1500 Min
SAR 114.4395 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
SAR 11550 GB2000 Min
SAR 171.3550 GBUnlimited3000 Min
SAR 230UnlimitedUnlimited
SAR 171.93150 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedGCC Unlimited
SAR 229.43UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
  • All Plans Validities are 1 Month.

Zain KSA Postpaid E-SIM Data Plans

Price with VATDataSocialValidity
SAR 115100 GB1 Month
SAR 14950 GB50 GB1 Month
SAR 180200 GB1 Month
SAR 200Unlimited1 Month

Zain KSA Postpaid Internet Packages

Price with VAT5G DataValidity
SAR 113.8550 GB1 Month
SAR 184100 GB1 Month
  • Features : Free 2 months OSN subscription to each plans

Zain Postpaid Daily Unlimited Plans

Price with VATDataLocal CallActivationCancel
SAR 17.25UnlimitedDULDDUL
SAR 20.7UnlimitedUnlimitedAULDAUL
  • To Activation : Send SMS Activation Code to 959
  • To Cancel  Auto Renew : Send SMS Cancel Code to 959
  • Validity : Daily

Zain KSA Postpaid Data Plans

Price with VATDataValidityActivationCancel
SAR 2.350 MB1 DayD50CA50M
SAR 13.8500 MB1 WeekD500CA500
SAR 34.51 GB1 MonthD1000CA1GB
SAR 57.52 GB1 MonthD2000CA2GB
SAR 86.255 GB1 MonthD5000CA5GB
SAR 109.2510 GB1 Month10GBMCA10M
SAR 184100 GB1 Month100GBMCA100M
SAR 189.7510 GB3 Months10GBCA10G
SAR 25320 GB3 Months20GBCA20G
SAR 304.7550 GB3 Months50GBCA50G
SAR 368100 GB3 Months100GBCA100
SAR 414150 GB3 Months150GBCA150
SAR 517.5300 GB3 Months300GBCA300
  • To Subscribe Plan : Send SMS Activation Code to 959
  • To Cancel : Send SMS Cancel Code to 959

Zain KSA Postpaid Black SIM Plans

Price / MonthlyFeatures
SAR 287.55G Internet175 GB
Local CallUnlimited
Multi-SIM2 SIM Data
Digital Apps1 Apps Free
SAR 4145G InternetUnlimited
Roaming Data2 GB
Local CallsUnlimited
Outgoing Roaming100 min
Incoming Roaming100 min
Multi-SIM1 SIM Data
SAR 632.55G InternetUnlimited
Roaming DataUnlimited
Local CallUnlimited
Outgoing Roaming150 min
Incoming RoamingUnlimited
International Min130 min
Multi-SIM2 SIM Data
Device DiscountSAR 4000

Zain KSA Postpaid YouTube Plans

Price with VATYouTubeValidityActivationCancel
SAR 10.35Unlimited1 Day500CA500
SAR 44.85Unlimited1 Week501CA501
SAR 113.85Unlimited1 Month502CA502
  • To Activation : Send SMS Activation Code to 959
  • To Cancel  : Send SMS Cancel Code to 959

Zain Postpaid Social Media Plans

Price with VATBenefitValidityActivationCancel
SAR 5.75Social Media1 Day310CA310
SAR 23Social Media7 Days311CA311
SAR 40.25Social Media+7 Days313CA313
SAR 69Social Media4 Weeks312CA312
  • Social Media : Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.
  • Social Media+ : YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.
  • To Activation : Send SMS Activation Code to 959
  • To Cancel  : Send SMS Cancel Code to 959

Zain KSA Postpaid Fiber WiFi Plan

Price with VATDownload SpeedUpload SpeedSubscription
SAR 279 / 1 Month300Mbps100Mbps1 Free Subscription
SAR 389/ 1 Month500Mbps200Mbps2 Free Subscription
  • Free subscription on Shahid, Geforce, Starzplay, OSN
  • FREE router & installation

Zain KSA Postpaid Local Call Plans

PriceLocal CallValidityActivationCancel
SAR 2.925 min1 DayL1CAL1
SAR 14.95150 min7 DaysL7CAL7
SAR 34.5500 min30 DaysL30CAL30
  • To Activation : Send SMS Activation Code to 959
  • To Cancel  : Send SMS Cancel Code to 959

  • To Check Zain KSA Remaining Balance : Send “BC” to 959.
  • To Contact Zain KSA Customer Care Number : Call 959 from Zain Number or 0590000959 from Other Networks

Disclaimer : We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct

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