Renna Mobile Oman Internet Packages

Listed below different types of Prepaid Renna Mobile Oman Internet Packages. These tables will help you to easily choose the best Renna Prepaid Data plans in Oman that are suitable for you .

Renna Mobile Ramadan Offer

PriceDataSocial DataFreedom MinValidityActivation
RO 42GB + 2GB500 MB50+50 min4 Weeks*181*14430#
RO 63GB + 2GB1.5 GB100+50 min4 Weeks*181*14431#
RO 1215GB + 2GB-300+50 min4 Weeks*181*14432#
RO 159 GB4 GB300 min12 Weeks*181*14433#
RO 1830GB + 2GB-600+50 min4 Weeks*181*14434#
  • Freedom Min Call : Local and International to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • Social Data : WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

Renna Mobile Combo Offer

PriceInternetLocal CallValidityActivation
OMR  2.51.5 GB75 Min30 Days*181*2515#
OMR  3.52.5 GB100 Min30 Days*181*3515#
OMR 4.53.5 GB150 Min30 Days*181*4515#
OMR 5.55 GB200 Min30 Days*181*5552#

Renna Mobile Internet Packages

300 Bz 95 MB3 Days*181*001#
500 Bz190 MB3 Days*181*001#
RO  1950 MB1 Day*181*111#
RO  1300 MB7 Days*181*001#
RO 2.5001.5 GB30 Days*181*2505#
RO  33.5 GB30 Days*181*0315#
RO 3.1504 GB7 Days*181*437#
RO 3.5002.5 GB30 Days*181*3505#
RO  4.2003 GB30 Days*181*4005#
RO 4.5003.5 GB30 Days*181*4505#
RO  57 GB30 Days*181*5530#
RO 6.5006 GB30 Days*181*6505#
RO 8.4008 GB30 Days*181*808#
RO  2125 GB30 Days*181*20005#
  • Data Balance Check : *181*52#

Renna Mobile Flexi Plan

PriceDataFlexi MinuteValidityActivation
RO 21.5 GB35 min7 Days*181*2153#
  • Flexi Minute : Call in Oman or to Call India , Bangladesh or Pakistan.

Renna Mobile Zee5 Subscription

PriceInternetFree BenefitsValidityActivation
OMR  2.5-Zee5 Voucher30 Days*181*95551#
OMR  5.53 GBZee5 Voucher30 Days*181*95552#
OMR 7.56 GBZee5 Voucher30 Days*181*95553#
  • Follow the given below process to register and use the voucher code
    • Visit to REGISTER with your mobile number or email.
    • After successful registration, click on SUBSCRIBE.
    • Click “Have a Code?’’ or “Apply Code” button
    • Enter voucher code.

Renna Mobile Mixed Plans

PriceDataLocal CallValidityActivation
RO 10.50012 GB200 min30 Days*181*1015#
RO 15.75022 GB350 min30 Days*181*1530#

Renna Mobile Unlimited Plans

OMR 0.400Unlimited1 Hour*181*8201#
OMR  0.700Unlimited2 Hours*181*8202#
OMR 1.000Unlimited3 Hours*181*8203#

Renna Day-Night Data Plans

Price with VATDay DataNight DataValidityActivation
RO 2.100300 MB700 MB30 Days*181*2002#
RO 3.150750 MB1000 MB30 Days*181*3002#
RO 8.4003 GB4 GB30 Days*181*8002#
  • Night Data : 11 pm - 6 am.
  • Day Data : 6 am - 11 pm
  • Data Balance Check : *181*52#

Renna Mobile Extra Data Plans

Price with VATDATAActivation
105 Bz50 MB*181*54#
525 Bz300 MB
  •  Validity : Validity Period of Your Existing Internet Bundle.

Renna Mobile Oman Visitors Plans

Price with VATDataLocal CallValidityActivation
RO 3.1501.250 GB10 Min7 Days*181*201#
RO 5.2503 GB25 Min10 Days*181*202#
RO 10.5008 GB25 Min15 Days*181*203#
  • SIM card validity is 2 months. With each recharge, the customer's line validity will be renewed for 2 months.
  • To check balance, dial *181*52#

Renna Mobile Combo Plans

RO 3.6751 GB25 Min (IPBN)30 Days*181*1875#

IPBN Call : India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and National Minutes

  • To Contact Renna Mobile Oman Customer Care : Call 1240
  • Renna Mobile Easy Credit/ Loan Credit (200 Bz credit) : Dial *184#
  • Renna Mobile Exiting Price Plans : Dial  *181*93#
  • To Get Renna Mobile PUK Code : *181*92#

Disclaimer : We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct.

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