Zain Kuwait Internet Packages

Zain Kuwait Internet Packages

Listed below different types of Zain Kuwait Internet Packages. These tables will help you to easily choose the best Zain Data plans in Kuwait that are suitable for you .

Zain Kuwait Prepaid eeZee SIM Plans

PriceInternetLocal CallValidity
KD 5200GB (4G)200 Min+ 200 Min (Zain to Zain)30 Days
KD 6100GB (4G)250 Min+ 250 Min (Zain to Zain)30 Days
KD 730GB (4G)30 Days
KD 81TB (4G)60 Days
KD 101TB (5G)30 Days

Zain Kuwait Prepaid Plans

Zain Kuwait eeZee prepaid mixed monthly ready-made plans are include in this table
PriceDataSocial MediaLocal CallActivation Code
KD 530GB (4G)100 min5
KD 760GB (4G)250 min7
KD 990GB (5G)Unlimited500 min9
KD 12150GB (5G)Unlimited1000 min + Unlimited Zain to Zain12
KD 18250GB (5G)UnlimitedUnlimited18
KD 21Unlimited 5GUnlimitedUnlimited21
  • To Activate : Send SMS ‘Activation Code’ to 999.
  • All Plans Validities are One Month.
  • To Check Zain Kuwait Prepaid Balance : Dial *142#
Follow the list given below to get additional benefits along with the above package.
Add PriceBenefitsActivation
KD 2Unlimited Video StreamingSend Z3 to 999
KD 2Extra 500 Local MinutesSend Z4 to 999
KD 1Unlimited Zain to Zain CallSend Z5 to 999
KD 2Unlimited Social MediaSend Z6 to 999

Prepaid Extra Internet Plan

KD 315 GBSend Z1 to 999
KD 550 GBSend Z2 to 999

Extra Validity Plan

If your data balance remains on prepaid plans of Zain Kuwait and validity expired, you can extend the validity as per the table given below.
PriceValidityActivation SMS Code
KD 115 DaysSend V1 to 999
KD 360 DaysSend V2 to 999
KD 5120 DaysSend V3 to 999
KD 13365 DaysSend V4 to 999

Zain Kuwait Prepaid 5G Plans

Price5G DataZain to ZainLocal CallIntl Call
KD 8150 GB250 min
KD 860 GB250 min250 min
KD 830 GB250 min250 min10 min
KD 815 GB250 min250 min30 min
KD 8.590 GB250 min250 min
KD 9150 GB250 min100 min
KD 990 GB100 min100 min10 min
KD 9.530 GB250 min250 min30 min
KD 10150 GB250 min10 min
KD 10150 GB100 min100 min10 min
KD 12150 GB100 min250 min30 min
KD 15250 GB250 min250 min10 min
KD 29UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited120 min
  • To Learn More this Plans, Click Here
  • To Activate : Download Zain App

Zain Kuwait International Call

PriceInternational CallsValidityActivation SMS Code
KD 18 Minutes7 DaysSend K3 to 999
KD 330 Minutes30 DaysSend K2 to 999
KD 560 Minutes30 DaysSend K1 to 999

Zain Kuwait Postpaid Wiyana Plans

Price / Month5G DataSocial MediaLocal CallRoaming
KD 1010 GBUnlimited150 min
KD 10300 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
KD 25100 GBUnlimited1000 min
KD 35500 GBUnlimited5000 min1GB (GCC)
KD 45UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited1GB (World)
  • Extra Benefits : Bronze Number(KD 10), Silver Number(KD 15), Gold Number(KD 25,KD 35), Platinum Number(KD 45) and Smartphones.
  • All plans contracts are 24 months.

Zain Kuwait Postpaid Data Plans

Price / MonthInternetFeaturesContract
KD 16Unlimited 5GTOD World Cup Pass24 months
  • Extra Benefits : New Line and Internet Devices.
  • Free OSN+ and Shahid VIP for 6 months, Free TOD 2 months, Free Anghami+ 1 month (all plans)
  • Zain Kuwait Customer Care Number : Call 107
  • To Visit Official Official Ooredoo Kuwait Website : Click Here

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